Stone Age Village in Saarijärvi
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Stone Age Houses in Finland
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The Stone Age Village of Saarijärvi on the shore of scenic Lake Summasjärvi is an archaeologically based reconstruction of a Late Stone Age settlement. In addition to the Stone Age village the locations the Upper Village, the Trap Path, the Archaeology Path and a large exhibition on the Finnish Stone Age. The village presents in concrete terms how people lived in Finland in the prehistoric past and how they subsisted in the natural environment. Along with presenting researched information, reconstructions and authentic Stone Age antiquities, the village also lets visitors try their hand at paddling a dugout canoe or making artefacts of Stone Age type. The campfires are burning in front of the huts, the canoes are on the shore, and the harpoons and nets are in their stands waiting to be used...

The location of the Stone Age Village at Saarijärvi

More information about the Stone Age Village on the town of Saarijärvi site